School Profile

Tyabb PS is situated on the Mornington Peninsula, in a welcoming, attractive and semi-rural environment bordered by the Oliver’s Creek Reserve. Established in 1891, Tyabb Primary School is firmly committed to meeting the needs of the ‘whole child’ by providing an engaging and supportive learning environment where children are challenged to achieve their personal best. We believe that learning and personal growth are dependent on developing strong personal skills, such as self esteem, resilience and the ability to form positive and respectful relationships with others. We are extremely proud of our positive school culture and the reputation we have for providing a safe, caring and nurturing learning enviroment. Our motto is “From little things, big things grow”. This represents what we aim to achieve in our school. It has obvious connections with our oak tree emblem and demonstrates a commitment to advance the academic and personal development of our students providing opportunities to achieve “big things” from their first small beginnings in grade prep.

At Tyabb Primary School there is a strong focus on the development personal skills, whilst offering a balanced and comprehensive curriculum. We follow the Victorian Curriculum, incorporating all domains into our teaching programs and assessment / reporting practices. Tyabb Primary School is a Professional Learning Community that uses a personalised approach focusing on
what our students need to learn at their individual point of need. This is particularly evident in Mathematics where a formal whole school PLC approach has been adopted during 2015. We aim to further this collabortive and personalised approach into other learning areas. Our Inquiry Learning Approach is aimed at developing thinking skills for the 21st century learner – the ability to question, locate, gather, analyse and apply information in a wide range of contexts. It is through an Inquiry Approach that we develop knowledge and skills in domains such as History, Science, Humanities, Civics and Citizenship and the Technologies.

Our school draws its enrolments from Tyabb, Somerville, Hastings, Moorooduc and further afield. Even with a widespread demographics there is a strong community feel and sense of school pride. Our parents have made a conscious choice to bring their child/children to our school with the majority of our students travelling by private transport. The school prides itself on a reputation within the wider community as a school which reinforces strong values, provides outstanding teaching practices and specialist programs including Art, Music, PE and Science. In addition, we offer a variety of extra curricula activities such as the Sporting Schools Australia program, I See I Care Program, Instrumental Music, Connections for the Gifted and Talented, RACV Energy Challenge and a Grade 5/6 electives program. Our HEAP team ( health, environment and animal patrol) promote healthy living and our responsibility to not only respect each other but to care for and protect the enironment. As a community with both parents working many families also take advantage of our School Care Program run by Camp Australia.

In 2017 we have an enrolment of 397 students with a school community made up of 285 families. Our students come from several kindergartens and childcare centres. They have many choices for their secondary education and distribute widely after year 6 to neighbourhood government schools – Westernport, Somerville, Mornington, Dromana and private schools – Flinders, Padua, Peninsula and Woodleigh.

We have a professional, highly motivated and caring staff who work cooperatively to support and promote student learning and the overall goals and priorities of the school. The majority of our teaching staff are full time with part time positions in our specialist areas and education support staff.
During the past 5 years we have made significant improvements to our facilities with the building of a new BER, removal of several old portables, relocation of two portables to create the middle school block, redevelopment of the grounds with new playground equipment, deck/artifical grass area, sand pit and gazebo and ashpalt play area. We are extremely proud of the improvements we have made to our grounds and can thank a small but hard working PFA who work hard to raise funds.