Green Team

Tyabb Primary School has a strong commitment towards Environmental Education. We pioneered the Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative (AuSSI) and are always striving to improve our school environment. Our school programs focus on educating students about environment issues and encourage them to choose positive behaviours towards the environment. Students learn that they can make a difference, when implementing everyday sustainable practices.

The Green Team is a student group comprising of members from each year level who encourage their peers and the wider community to care about health and the environment. Our “switch off” policy, bin free school grounds, recycling, composting and wrapper free lunches encourage the children to reduce energy and take responsibility for their own waste.

Our students are able to connect with the natural world through our indigenous plantings, vegetable garden, participation in “I Sea I Care” and our creek and bushland activities in Oliver’s Creek Bushland Reserve. Students also have the opportunity to participate in the Kids Teaching Kids Conference, organise and participate in activities for World Environment Day and Walk to School Day and take part in ‘nude food’ challenges.