Visual Arts

We aim to teach the whole child at Tyabb, which means allowing children to develop all areas of their brain. Thinking creatively, looking at the world through eyes that understand wonder and beauty, that understand differences is all part of the art world and one we look to foster and encourage at Tyabb. A weekly art session encourages a sense of wonder in children as they learn to make and create, to look at the work of others in a critical and creative way and to learn about their world in a different way. In art sessions, the children not only get to make and create, they are also exposed to artists and styles, thinking beyond what they already know. They are encouraged to shine, they get to take risks, have great fun and often make a mess! They work co-operatively, share ideas and feel proud of their achievements. They learn by doing, learn by looking and learn through others. It’s a great fun time, relaxed and energetic; always encouraging children to be their very best.

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