Principal’s Welcome

Tyabb Primary School is a happy, friendly, stimulating and secure environment that has served the local area for over a hundred years. We have a proud tradition of achieving outstanding academic results with quality programs in Literacy, Numeracy, ICT, Music and Physical Education. We are equally as proud of the results that our students achieve in the areas of Personal and Social Learning such as confidence, persistence, team work, organisation, resilience.

Our staff are a highly professional, dedicated and caring team who are firmly committed to meeting the physical, social, and intellectual needs of our students. We place enormous emphasis on the development of attitudes and values such as respect, optimism, empathy, integrity, commitment and a sense of community. As a school we have high expectations for every student in achievement and behaviour.

Tyabb Primary School is set in a semi rural bushland environment. We provide a strong environmental focus with students accessing the local area for community based learning projects. We have great facilities and grounds with our new “State of the Art” Flexible Learning Centre.

Our motto is “From little things, big things grow”. This represents much of what we aim to achieve in our school. It has obvious connections with our oak tree emblem and demonstrates our commitment to advance both the academic and personal development of our students. In all sorts of ways, we are confident that the students within our care are provided with the opportunities to achieve “big things” from their first small beginnings in the Prep grades.

As the proud Principal of Tyabb Primary School my door is always open to discuss any details of children’s education and wellbeing. Please take this as a personal invitation to join us in the pursuit of excellence for your children.

Carole Howden