Canteen Lunch Orders & Tuckshop

Canteen Lunch Orders

Canteen lunches are usually provided on Wednesdays unless there are public holidays or special school events. We will notify you in the newsletter or via Sentral if  there is a change to our usual canteen arrangements. Parents are able to order a lunch order for their child through QuickCliq which can be accessed through SENTRAL, our school management system. Online orders must be made by 9.15am Tuesday with lunch orders delivered to classrooms on Wednesday.

If you know in advance that your child will be absent on the day of their lunch order you can cancel via QuickCliq.

If you do not know in advance eg your child wakes up sick on lunch order day you will need to ring the office before 9.30am and ask our office staff to cancel the lunch order. Otherwise the lunch will be prepared and you will be charged for the order.

Prices are available when you order online.

Please see attached flyer for information on setting up and ordering through QuickQliq. Flyer-ALL Parents-QuickCliq-A4


The Acorn Snack Shack is open each Wednesday and Friday for purchases additional to your child’s lunch. There is a strict limit of $3 per child for tuckshop purchases. Children should not be sent to school with large amounts of money to spend at the canteen and are not permitted to buy for other children.

Canteen Lunch Order Price List 2024

Canteen Snack Price List 2024