Transition to Prep

Beginning school is a very exciting yet often daunting time for young children. At Tyabb Primary School, we are keenly aware of this and have spent time developing a transition program that allows children to move from a Pre-school environment to school with ease.

An integral part of this has been the introduction of a play-based curriculum whereby children begin their day immersed in hands on activities.

Prior to Starting Prep

In the year prior to your child beginning Prep, we offer many opportunities for you and your child to become familiar with the school environment.

Term 2

School Tours- Our Principal and Assistant Principal will give you a guided tour of the school to allow you to see firsthand how it operates. These tours are conducted during school time and after school for those people who work.

Open Night- Towards the end of the term, we conduct an open night for our school community to see the amazing work that the children have been doing in their classes. Prospective parents and their children are invited to attend.

Term 3

Parent Information Night – Early in term 3 you will be invited to an information evening that will answer many of your questions about what to expect when your child starts school. It will also inform you about what Tyabb has to offer in terms of Programs and events.

Common Enrolment Week- Traditionally schools within our area have had a common enrolment week. This is when you are able to officially enrol your child in schools within the Tyabb/Somerville area.

Parent /Child interviews

Once your child has been enrolled, we offer you and your child the opportunity to meet with a current Prep teacher for a brief interview. This gives you further opportunity to ask us questions and your child the chance to see a Prep room and meet a Prep teacher. It is also important for us to have a little bit of background knowledge about your child. We ask questions that tell us their strengths and weaknesses, who their friends are and whether they require any special assistance. All of this information is helpful in determining which grades to place the children in.

Term 4

Launching into Preps

Each child is given the opportunity to attend 2 sessions of Launching into Preps in term 4. This was designed give the children the experience of being in a classroom and meeting other children before they attend Orientation Day. It is totally play based. It also gives parents a chance to meet each other during an informal cuppa.

Orientation Day.

Children will meet their Prep teacher for following year. They will attend class session from 9:15-10:30. Once again, this will be a very relaxed, play-based session.

Transition to Secondary School

The Year 6 staff and students discuss throughout the year the importance of being ready for Secondary School.  Students are supported in a range of ways to ensure that this transition is smooth and rewarding for each and every student.

The Department of Education follow a set of strict guidelines that are followed.  This information is given to parents at the Parent Information Evening early in the school year.  Parents and students are encouraged to tour prospective Secondary Schools to ensure they are making the correct decision for their child.  The Year 6 teachers are readily available to answer any questions of parents and students.

There is regular communication between Year 6 teachers and Secondary Schools before enrolments and then after the students have been allocated a place.