2017 Leaders

Student leaders at Tyabb Primary School are valued highly by all staff, school council members  and students.  At Tyabb Primary School we recognise all grade 6 students as leaders of the school.

There are opportunities for these students to experience listening to current inspirational members of our country, including Young Leaders Day presented by the Halogen Foundation and participating in the Leadership Day at Toorak College.

School Captain and Student Representative Council Leaders are selected through staff recommendation and then an interview process with both the Principal and Assistant Principal.

House Leaders are able to nominate themselves and present a speech to their peers outlining their interest to represent their Houses for the current school year.  Peers are then able to vote for the student who they feel would be a strong representative for their House.

As leaders at Tyabb Primary School, students conduct weekly whole school assemblies, complete a range of designated tasks for staff and are also rostered to undertake office duty during recess.

Other leadership positions at Tyabb Primary School include ICT Captains and music captains. These students are given a range of tasks to complete, including setting up photo collages on the main office television, taking a range of photos for special events to be displayed throughout the school.

School Captains- Zoe and Miller
JSC Captains- Maddison and Tyler
Baxter House Captains- Jag and Georgia
Jones House Captains- Ned and Lainie
Coolart House Captains- Deagan and Harriet
Benton House Captains- Luca and Samantha
Sports Captains- Corey, Hannah, Sophie and Ben


Band, Choir and Music Captains- Amber, Brianna and Alice
Green Team Captains- Emily and Emma
ICT Captains- Sean and Jackson