School Council

The School Council is the focal point for shared decision making at the school.  School Council responsibilities concern areas such as policy, finance, facilities, school community relations and the selection and employment of certain staff.

Tyabb Primary School Council meets regularly to discuss various issues concerning the school community.  Parents are welcome to attend these meetings as observers by arrangement with the Principal.  The Council has several sub-committees including Traffic Safety and Facilities which provide opportunities for many parents to contribute to the planning and policy process of the school.

Parent Representatives

President                               Sharon McKinna

Vice President                        Heidi Ryan

Treasurer                               Robyn Bull

Secretary                               Kirsten Lindsay

Parent Member                      Geordie Male

Parent Member                      Shae Williams

Parent Member                      Kym Barker


DET Employees

Executive Officer  (Principal)  Carole Howden

DET Member                          Mikaela Earl

DET Member                          Kathie Toft

DET Member                          Sally Watson